In 2016, I wanted to challenge myself to write more – particularly screenplays.  I entered the NYC Midnight Seventh Annual Short Screenplay Challenge.  Anyone who knows me, knows I would not spend money on something and then let it go to waste (WeightWatchers is an exception); so dropping $40 to enter the challenge created an obligation.  No matter how tired or busy I may have ended up being, I was going to write.  More than 600 international writers participated, and the competition spanned more than six months.  We were given 48 hours to write a script of no more than five pages.  We were then each assigned a genre at random, as well as a prop and some other elements that we were required to include in our stories.  In almost every case, I was frantically submitting my script at 11:59PM.  The challenge was structured in heats, so I ended up writing four scripts in total.  In the end, I placed fourth overall – suck it, 596 other people who I’ve never met but are probably very nice individuals.  Boom.

I was proud of the work I had done, and shocked that I even made it through the initial heat (my very first genre was Romantic Comedy – I thought I was doomed).  Below is the final script that I had written.  The genre for this one was Open.  The only thing more difficult than being assigned a genre, is being left to my own devices to determine what to write.  I hope to some day adapt this into a feature script… just maybe when I’m not working multiple jobs and have two kids under the age of four.  It just takes time.

Click the link to view the PDF screenplay: Evergreen


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